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Who We Are

We are Tech Company focused on delivering innovative solutions around data for governments and industries. We believe data should inspire and engage. We develop and implement software that makes data easy to use, analyse, manipulate and understand, helping to drive informed decision making and intervention strategies for our clients.

Think Hat offers data and information services via SaaS based data collection, analytics and reporting dashboards. We think disruptively to deliver technology that helps help fast-growing companies, development organizations, and government agencies succeed in places where data has been traditionally hard to access.
what we do

Data Gathering

We make data collection simple

Our team of Data Experts and Software Engineers help you build and deploy solutions that collect a wide range of disparate data and information.
The solutions we deploy provide a web and mobile platform that allow users to gather, analyse, manage and store data from numerous sources into one place.

Our solutions help ensure data is collected in the most reliable and precise manner; guaranteeing a high level of data integrity with features such as
validation, form creation, geo-stamp and time stamp etc. Data captured can then be analysed to generate insights that ensure well-informed and guided decision making.

Data Analysis

We offer Data As A Service.

Our data analysis service helps our clients gain full visibility into various sources of information through an easy to use and customizable dashboard called Akuko.
Our DA service delivers reports that empower clients to anticipate market changes, discover unconventional or hidden behaviors, build predictive models and drive new opportunities.

Our methodology is based on automatically sourcing, processing and aggregating our client’s raw data that is collected from various sources including databases
and various intermediaries around the world. We will query relational databases, online analytical processing cubes, in-memory data engines, cloud databases, and spreadsheets to generate intelligent information and visualisations that are displayed and accessed via a dashboard set up for you.


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