Software Development

We know we are pretty awesome! Here's what we offer with our software development service.

Web Development

Based on our client needs we create cutting-edge web technologies that provide the solutions you require.

These include websites, e-learning solutions, web portals and applications, document management systems, and workflow management systems.

Mobile Application Development

As the world continues to grow more mobile we believe that it’s time to reconsider the entire approach to mobile systems. Applications should not only be available at the touch of a finger, but also be responsive and truly user-oriented.

We have experience in developing and porting applications for a wide range of mobile devices.

Team Extension

We work as your company’s extended software development team. Contributing our team of software developers, UI/UX Engineers and mobile developers, we work with you from the start of an original idea or come on board at any stage of the project.

Why hire one developer when you can hire an entire team for the same price.

Everything you need to build an awesome site

Find your favorite design and put your personal touch on it before you buy..

Tech Support

We work as your remote IT department.

Application Management

We help identify and cover all your enterprise application needs. We recommend, install, and manage the updates of relevant enterprise applications – Think Hat Developed or Vendor Purchased - required to make your work processes easier.

IT Infrastructure Management

Your IT infrastructure includes all tools required to support your enterprise applications. Think Hat works with you to manage your tech toolbox - the combination of all your technology tools e.g. computer systems; application servers; mail servers; safety solutions etc.

Software Support

Installation of Enterprise Applications

Application updates & upgrade

Installation and maintenance of physical software

Database Server Management

Cloud Server Management

Mail Server Management

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scans