TH Labs

Think Hat's very own venture building studio.

What is TH Labs?

With TH Labs, we invest in our own initiatives and work on ideas with entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs partner with our product managers and engineers to build their product. This point marks the forming of a new team or company that further develops and supports the product.

We look for big problems and craft profit generating technology solutions that address these problems. When one shows great promise, we set up a great team, and build it into a profit-generating machine. TH Labs focuses on building and iterating on Internet and Mobile products and bringing the best to market.

Our process:


We develop products based on our own ideas and ideas from engineers, designers and founders we partner with.


We pick and experiment with just a few ideas at a time. We kill the experiments that don’t work, we build and grow the ones that do.


WWhen we see clear signs of product market fit, we launch the company with the team who built the product and invest in it.


We support our companies as hands on co-founders and provide shared resources as well as back office.

Recent Ventures