We Do amazing


Who We Are

We are a Tech Company focused on delivering awesome services. At Think Hat we are committed to driving the widespread adoption of IT in the country, Africa and the world at large.

We exploit technology to help our clients and target users do amazing things. We champion the delivery of excellent IT services through disruptive thinking, cutting-edge technology and a hard-line focus on delivery.

Software Development

At Think Hat we manage the process of creating or improving technology products, from concept down to delivery. We’ve been part of creating super cool products for our clients. We offer you the best in Mobile and Web Development.

What we offer
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Team Extension

Tech Support

“We work as your remote IT department.” - Michael (Lead Support)
We provide support for operation and maintenance of your critical technology systems, from single functions to total commitments.

What we offer
  • Enterprise Application Management
  • IT Infrastructure Management


Pivo creates a way to electronically carry out your transactions in a way that is simple and effective. Pivo offers users the ability to make payment for utilities with ease. We believe making and managing payments does not need to be complex. Our solutions are designed based on the power of simplicity and user centered experiences.

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Jalo|On-Demand Delivery

Jalo offers a web based and mobile application aimed at transforming the way delivery works. With jalo purchase and have anything you want delivered to you less than one hour, all from the comfort of an app. Jalo is an on-demand delivery service excellent for both consumers and business. Tell Jalo what you want picked up and where you want it dropped off. It is as simple as that.

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